Employee’s Handbook

Work Health & Safety – Employee’s Handbook

 We recommend that all businesses that employee staff have an employee handbook.

One of the important benefits of having a well drafted and thorough employee handbook is that it allows your business to clearly communicate what it is, and is not, acceptable in the workplace.  In the event of a dispute the handbook can be relied upon to support your business’s position.

Areas that should potentially be covered are as follows:

1.         Introduction

  • Employee Commitment/Expectations/Culture

2.         Key Information and Definitions

  • Duties & Responsibilities
  • Attendance, Holidays, Hours & Breaks
  • Full-time, Part-time Definitions

3.         Workplace Behaviour and Operational Detail

4.         Workplace Health & Safety

5.         Grievance Resolution

6.         Managing Performance & Conduct

7.         Injury, Incidents & Workers Compensation

8.         Anti-discrimination, Harassment and Bullying

9.         Safety & Evacuation Policy & Procedure

10.       IT & Telephone Policy & Procedure

11.       Motor Vehicles Policy and Procedure

12.       Company Car Accidents

13.       Surveillance Policy

It includes forms such as incident report forms.

Please contact us for further details.