I wanted to thank you for preparing such a fantastic letter.

You had a very short time not only to prepare the letter, but to understand the nuance of the situation AND the operations of the XXX, so as to be able to strongly and succinctly call them to action on the failures of their own rules and regulations.”

Appreciative Client


Your draft document is precisely what I was hoping for. Excellent work….

 I appreciate your excellent work and advice…

Appreciative Client


I was most impressed with the documents tendered on behalf of the defendant company in relation to its occupational health and safety policy and procedure.  Such documents displayed a splendid attitude to its obligations and indeed I am satisfied that their systems and procedures, including their proactive communication of the company’s policies and procedures to workers are as good as I have seen.”

Magistrate BA Lulham

NSW Chief Industrial Magistrate’s Court of NSW 2005