Employment Law

Employment and Industrial Law

redundancy (eg pay entitlements)
termination (eg avenues to challenge, rights to enforce)
discrimination (eg sexual harassment and race discrimination)
restraint of trade ( eg enforceability and implementation)
employment law compliance reviews including attendance at client’s premises
Drafting contracts and terms of engagement for:

employees ranging from award to executive level
independent contractors
Advising on the management of employees including:

poor performance
injury or illness
OHS advice including:

defences and pleas to prosecution actions
drafting workplace policies
preparing checklists/handbooks
designing audit tools
conducting OHS audits and employment law compliance reviews including attendance at the client’s premises
designing and conducting workshops to educate and assist employers meet their obligations
writing newsletters
Consulting with industry associations, WorkCover and technical safety experts

Advising on award interpretation

Advising on the operation of the Fair Work Act and other employment legislation

Preparation of collective agreements and assistance in negotiations

Drafting submissions to government on behalf of industry


Employment contracts frequently contain provisions imposing restrictions on an employee after the end of employment.  Such provisions, often referred to as “Restraint of Trade”, aim to protect the rights of the employer, but issues often arise as to how wide the restraints can be – restraints which are too broad may be unenforceable. Types of Restraint Employers may seek to…

Annual Leave Entitlements

In this post we cover how many annual leave days you are entitled to under the Fair Work Act 2009 (FWA). An employee’s leave (holiday) entitlements are set and protected under the National Employment Standards in the FWA. Section 87 provides an employee is entitled to 4 weeks per year. This accrues progressively during a year of service according to…