Employer’s Handbook

Work Health & Safety – Manager’s Handbook

We recommend that all businesses that employee staff also have a manager’s handbook.

The manager’s handbook is intended to provide guidance to supervisors and others with responsibility for the oversight of staff.  This includes directors.

It would cover the steps that are to be taken when certain events occur, for example, breaches of the business’s WHS requirements.  In general it will be more prescriptive and set out the business’s policies and procedures in more detail than that provided in the employee handbook and provide managers with a guide about implementing the handbook.

This will allow your business to respond in a predetermined, thoughtful and consistent manner to events in the workplace.  This can help avoid the situation where management reacts to address an immediate issue and later has to assess and maybe also justify the appropriateness of the steps taken.

These handbooks also allow you to impress upon new staff and your industry that you and your business are thorough, comprehensive and professional in your approach to employee relations and workplace safety.

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